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Change hearts. Change minds. Change the world.


We all have a finite time on this rock hurling through space—why not make the best impact while you still can? Apollo Group came together as an effort by like-minded creatives, advocates, and policy professionals to change the way we communicate to each other and major decision makers in our world.

Our government and political processes and the decisions they yield should be reflective of the constituents they serve. Often times, special interests outmatch the voice of the greater good and it's our society that's left picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess.

We work with elected officials, candidates for office, advocacy organizations, and passionate citizenry to ensure that transparent policies, honest political candidates,  and efforts for social good are given the best chance of reaching targeted audiences and affecting change.

Our most important decisions should be evidence-based. With that cornerstone in mind, we encourage the input and involvement of scientists, teachers, doctors, first-responders, engineers, members of the armed services, and individuals from every walk of life in the process of their own governance. We want to make sure that thought leaders and decision makers hear from experts and not just pundits.

That's also why we want you to make an evidence-based decision as well when considering who to partner with for your next project.

Check out our portfolio and reach out with any questions. We look forward to helping you achieve the social good we're all capable of together.     

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